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Fully leverage Your data


Map scheduling and job data from your ERP and automatically sync from Mingo for every production run. Report production and scrap counts to provide plant performance cost in your ERP in real-time.

Integrate Mingo with your CMMS for up-to-the-minute condition-based maintenance. Track machine cycle data for predictive algorithms.

Mingo Algorithms

Make evidence-based decisions every day and use Mingo notifications and alerts to inform your integrated systems of changes.

Configure trigger alarms in your CMMS for condition-based maintenance based on downtime, scrap or meter readings.

Store Data in the Cloud

Store your manufacturing data safely in the cloud. Use Mingo to push the data wherever you choose.


Integrate with your Manufacturing Systems

From the cloud, Mingo can provide near real-time data to most manufacturing systems like ERP, MES, CMMS, and many more. Extend the visibility of your plant to all levels of your organization.

View relevant maintenance data in Mingo to validate performance or send automatic production reporting to your ERP for historical and finance reporting.

Integrate with your Manufacturing Systems
Mobile App

Automate Processes

Use Mingo data to create notifications and automate tasks such as preventative maintenance checks and quality control audits.

Provide production data for an up-to-date view of your progress against your production schedule or by machine for CMMS trend reporting and automate Mingo job production records and skip manual setup of parts.

Types of Integrations

No matter the scale of your implementation, Mingo can vertically integrate with critical systems. Is there an integration you’re looking for that isn’t on our list? We’re always working to add more integrations. Contact us for more information.

IBM Maximo Integration
UpKeep Integration
Fiix Integration
Oracle NetSuite Integration
Epicor Integration
Infor Integration
Microsoft Dynamics Integration
Sage Business Cloud Integration
SAP Integration
Plex Integration
Siemens Integration
Power BI Integration
Oracle Integration
Tableau Integration

Real-Time Visibility


Get notified now of issues in the plant, don't wait until tomorrow.


Overhead visual management tool showing real time work center status.

Operator Screen

Intuitive interface to understand where you are now, and enter data like downtime change overs, scrap, and quality.

Automated Data Collection

Collect data automatically from any machine new or old. Replace Excel, paper, and whiteboards.

Operational Awareness


Customizable easy to use dashboards give you the information need to run the plant on a day to day basis.

Automated Reporting

Automatic end of shift, end of day, or end of week reporting right in your inbox.

Scheduling & Management

Integrate your schedule and know if you will hit your due dates before its a problem.

Labor Tracking

Track who worked on what work orders and when. Improve costing and training.

Intuitive Analytics


View and summarize data by week, month, and year.

Pivot Tables

One of Excel's most popular features built right into Mingo. No need to export.


Open API to connect with ERP, Maintenance Manage or any other software.

Process Data

Collect and correlate any data with production runs, speed, pressure, temperature, weights.