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Keep your business running smoothly

Reduce Excess Downtime

How can manufacturing downtime be reduced? Every minute a machine is not running represents lost opportunity.

Measuring your floor, consistently, with manufacturing analytics can help minimize, or even eliminate excess downtime.

Track Availability

Using automatic data collection from sensors, PLCs, and operators on the floor, calculate downtime and track availability.

Get Alerts to Stop Problems

Get real-time alerts, via the mobile app or email, to stop problems as they happen. Consistent, accurate data can drastically increase availability.

Analyze Downtime by All Reasons

Use Pareto Charts to determine the causes of downtime. Understand the number of downtime events by reason and total and average duration in minutes.

Track Availability

To determine the availability of a machine or cell, Mingo collects and calculates downtime using alarms and other signals directly from the controls, PLCs, and sensors on the equipment. Mingo can also augment this information with input from operators or supervisors.

Mingo Mobile App

Get Alerts to Stop Problems as They Happen

Stop problems as they happen, before those problems cause significant downtime. With mobile alerts or manufacturing insight emails delivered straight to your inbox, you can be alerted of problems on the floor. 

Use downtime analysis to understand where and why those problems are occurring.

Analyze Downtime by Reason Codes

Use Pareto Charts to help determine common causes of downtime. Understand when downtime is increasing or decreasing, enabling you to take action to resolve the issues.

Track trends in your data to see how the plant is running overtime.

Determine the ‘What, Why, Who and When’ of all your downtime.

Case Study

“What Gets Tracked, Gets Improved.”

After backwards cans in 4 machines caused 18 hours of downtime, we knew there was a problem. [Mingo] helped us reduce downtime by 73%.
Matt Hill

Operations Improvement Coordinator at H&T

Common Challenges in Manufacturing

Lack of Visibility & No Accountability

Without visibility into the plant, it’s hard to know if you’re winning the day. How can you see what’s happening in real-time?

Poor On-Time Delivery

How do you ensure on-time delivery? Knowing if you’re winning the day can help you achieve that goal.

Manual Processes

Traditional, manual data collection is not timely or accurate. How do you ensure automatic data collection that helps to provide insight into what’s happening in the plant?

Low Capacity, Throughput

Throughput is extremely important to a manufacturer’s ability to meet schedules and deliver on time. How can you increase capacity and ensure goals are met?

Too Much Unplanned Overtime, High Costs

Unplanned overtime causes significantly higher costs, decreasing the bottom line. How do you eliminate unplanned overtime to reduce costs?

High Scrap Rate & Quality Issues

Without real quality measurements, scrap is just money going down the drain. How can you reduce scrap and ensure quality?